I greet you!

We have finally finished the work on the video-course consisting of 3 kinds of trainings, which differ from each other by their difficulty level.

In summary:

The first is the primary level for inflexible newcomers, who are willing to change that. (The duration of the theory is 27 minutes, of the training – 40 minutes).

The second is an intermediate level for people, who have attended or are still attending yoga or stretching course and want to improve their flexibility. (The duration of the theory is 23 minutes, of the training – 51 minutes).

Training for body flexibility development. Advanced level. Method of M. Gusengadzhijev

The training to the method of the most flexible man on the Planet, who has been recorded into the Guinness Book –Mukhtar Gusengadzhijev. Advanced level – is a long training, which will be suitable for the experienced who practice yoga, stretching and Pilates, for dancers and well-grounded sportspeople. The training is given by the certificated student of Mukhtar – Komakha Viacheslav, who has been coaching at Gusengadzhijev School FlexDerekSchool since 2009.


The physical part (training) of every video is shot in the way that you can practice simultaneously with me. I comment every exercise in the voice over, describing the efforts, amplitudes, speed and depth of the movements.

There is a theory available, recorded separately for those, who want to buy three levels of trainings at once (the primary, the intermediate and the advanced one). It can be bought separately or together with all three levels at once.

Every lesson consists of the theory introduction to every complicity level. This is just because I, Komakha Viacheslav, have never been flexible in my life and I started practicing at the age of 26 owning a very limited flexibility (it is visible here) – with the experience I have learnt how it is possible to make your body quite flexible, taking turns of different loads and relaxing and having a definite diet.

I began practicing by Mukhtar Gusengadzhijev at the beginning of May 2009 and in the middle of September 2009 I started coaching practice at school, which I founded in Kiev – FlexDerekSchool

The process of video purchase

So, you have decided to buy a video lesson of one of complicity levels. What should you start with?

Respect the copyright and appreciate my work – the video is copyrighted and is used only for private aims.

The first variant of instaneous purchase (download) is through the site


  1. A primary level – (theory and training — two files)
  2. An intermediate level – (theory and training — two files)
  3. An advanced level – (theory and training — two files)
  4. Three levels at once – (total theory to all three levels and three kinds of physical part of the training –4 files in total).
  5. Total theory to all three levels – (theory to all parts briefly – 30 minutes – one file)


The second type is with 10% take off compared to, but on a prepaid basis.

You can make the payment via WesternUnion transfer or any other way on the name Komakha Vyacheslav Vitalijevich (Kiev), on the Private Bank card or via direct transfer to VISA card (I will provide the number on request).

The process of receiving a video:

 1) Come to the studio FlexDerekSchool in Kiev directly in 38 Shevchenko Avenue.

2) After the payment in above described ways you receive a link, which is individually generated on you and is deleted after you download this video.

3) To order a CD via Nova Poshta in Ukraine and to pay in cash.

I am sure, that the video materials, which I have prepared, will lead your body to the next development stage.
You may ask me any questions using this form.
Komakha Viacheslav

Body flexibility development FLEXDEREKSCHOOL